This Week @ Christ Church! Covenant Sunday!

On January 29th at the 10 am service, we will be holding Covenant Sunday – where we will respond as God’s people with a Covenant to our Lord, and to one another to walk as Disciples of the Living God.

Just in case you haven’t seen them:  here they are.  I encourage you to pray about each and every one, and I invite you to come you this Sunday to come, “Walk with us!”

Christ Church Membership Covenant

Those who are baptized are called to worship and serve God.

Will you continue in:

1)   the apostles’ teaching – reading the Bible and studying the Bible as God’s Holy Word

With the help of God, I will

2)  fellowship – living in community with others in the Christ Church family.

With the help of God, I will

3) in the breaking of bread – committed to attendance to the Sunday gatherings unless providentially hindered

With the help of God, I will

4)  in the prayers.  Living a lifestyle of prayer both personally and corporately

With the help of God, I will.

5)  Will you persevere in resisting evil, and, whenever you fall into sin, repent and return to the Lord?  A lifestyle of repentance

With the help of God, I will.

6) Will you proclaim by word and example the good news of God in Christ? – A lifestyle of evangelism.

With the help of God, I will.

7) Will you seek and serve Christ in all people, loving your neighbor as yourself?  A lifestyle of Christian ministry using your spiritual gifts.

With the help of God, I will.

8) Will you acknowledge Christ’s authority over human society, by prayer for the world and its leaders, by defending the weak, and by seeking peace and justice?  A lifestyle of meeting the needs of the people around you as God reveals the needs.

With the help of God, I will.

Hello world!

Welcome to the gshermanblog!  This is the new blog which I am establishing in the hope that it will assist you to search, discover, and know Jesus Christ in a more full and in depth manner.

In particular – you will be able to come to the blog every week for discussion questions regarding the sermon on Sundays, as well as up to date postings on our common life at Christ Church!

The only rule is  grab a cup of Joe (preferably Dunkin’ Donuts), and a Bible, and let’s discuss God and life together!

Coram Deo,