Does God exist? The Cosmological argument

Both the Weds. night group in Avon Lake, and Weds. Confessing My Faith Group discussed how to discuss the existence of God with people who don’t even believe that God exists.  Below is the deeply philosophical “Cosmological Argument” for the existence of God.  Remember, this discussion is the beginning point and is by no means exhaustive. Below is borrowed from Dr. DA Carson of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield IL.:

1.  Some things undeniably exist.  (I exist)

2.  My nonexistence is possible (One day I will die)

3.  Whatever has the possibility to not exist is currently caused to exist by another. (I have a heritage – parents, grandparents etc.)

4.  There cannot be an infinite regress of current causes of existence.  (The is a logical starting point)

5.  Therefore, a first uncaused cause of my current existence exists.

6  This uncaused cause must be infinite, unchanging, all-powerful, all – knowing, all benevolent, and all perfect.

7. This in finely perfect being is appropriately called “God”.

8.  Therefore, God exists.

9.  This God who exists is identical to the God described in the Christian Scriptures.

10.  Therefore, the God as described in the Bible exists.

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