Taking the Day! Making Sunday Special

Reflecting on how God spoke this past Sunday to you!
“Encouraging the Sleeping”
Read Acts 20:1 – 12

Paul seems to have discerned a change in the direction of his ministry. As Luke told us in 19:21 after going to Jerusalem, Paul’s intention is to go to Rome. In this chapter, Paul has set his face towards Jerusalem and is hurrying to be there (20:16, 22), before he leaves for Rome. He takes time for one last visit to several churches.
1. Briefly summarize the passage. What are the main ideas/themes emphasized in this section?

2. As Paul swept through Macedonia in vv. 1-6, what characterized his ministry there?

3. Why do you think Luke included the story of Eutychus at Troas (vv. 7-12)?

4. What does the incident tell us abut early Christian worship?

5. What is the main theme of these two passages?

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