Reflecting on Sunday! ?’s for Acts 20:17 – 38

Paul’s address to the Ephesian elders in vv.17-38 is the last recorded message to a church in Acts and is the only one addressed to a Christian audience in all of Acts. Let’s look more closely at who he is addressing, what he has to say them and why.

1. Who was Paul addressing and what terms did he use when referring to them in this speech? What is the significance of these terms?

2. What do you think was Paul’s intention in reviewing his ministry among them? Why do you think that?

3. What evidence is there here of the sincerity of Paul and the integrity of his ministry?

4. In Paul’s review he used a number of verbs that make it clear that his ministry revolved around the word of God. What are they? From this address, what do we learn was the content of the message Paul proclaimed throughout his ministry?

5. What did Paul warn the leaders about in vv. 28-31? What was he calling them to do?

6. In the middle of Paul address (vv. 22-24), he looked to the future as he focused on going to Jerusalem. Looking at this whole chapter, what similarities do you see between Paul and Jesus’ journeys to Jerusalem?

7. Finish this sentence. According to Paul in his address, being a leader of God’s people consists of….

8.  What’s the main theme of the passage?

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