Reflections after week 1

This past week has been spent in lectures and discussion on 4 areas of Apologetics: Apologetics today, The Problem of Evil, Philosophical Apologetics, and World Religions. After spending the afternoon memorizing my notes and rereading some of the material, I’m taking a moment to thank the Lord for this opportunity to immerse myself in a subject matter which is surely to be applied in the weeks, months, and years to come!

In addition I thank my wife Kim for the blessing that she is to me, my family, and to the CCW family and for “holding down the fort” so that I might be better equipped as a Disciple, Husband, Father and Pastor!

Final thanks to the CCW community for their support and prayers! I can sense them from across the pond!

Last night was the culmination of Bastille Day here in France! The entire city of Strasbourg was out and about celebrating! As always, the food was wonderful, the wine amazing, and the conversation with my new friends from the Academy stimulating!  We sat in Gutenburg Square (Yes – that’s the printer Gutenburg of the Gutenburg Press fame!)  watching the fireworks!  What a privilege to celebrate with the French people the freedoms that they enjoy as a people.  Their flag flies high atop the cathedral as a symbol to the world – Vive La France!  My prayer for the French nation, as well as America and the rest of the West – may The Lord bring a Modern Reformation to our lands!  Let it begin in our hearts and the hearts of our loved ones!

Tomorrow!   Week 2 beginning with Historical Apologetics.

Au Revoir!

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