Last Full day of class at the Academy in Strasbourg!

Today we had a full day of lectures by Dr. Oliver Wilder – Smith who is a research physician in Holland regarding Apologetics and Science / Medical issues.  A deeply academic and informative discussion, I can’t help but think how important it is that God’s church stay involved in the Sciences and in the medical profession to be a Salt and Light to a profession that although in belief many believe in the Transcendent, in practice and philosophy have adopted a materialist / naturalist worldview.  Last class will be tomorrow morning and then, it’s study, study, study for my written exam on Saturday.

The highlight of the day was dinner at the restaurant (see below) in Petite France with a phenomenal waiter who spoke English very well and was very accommodating!  My meal was Spetzel (A German dish popular in this region in France) with a side salad. It was great to eat with new friends after a long day of intense Apologetics.  French cuisine is amazing!

Looking forward to completing the class this year and heading home on the Train on Saturday afternoon!

Au Revoir!    Gene

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