Weekly News Wrapup!

On Fridays, I will be  posting  some of the more interesting articles I’ve come across throughout the week to help you keep current on what’s happening in the the church, both in America and abroad. I will also posting some “fun” stories that I come across. I post these up to inform you and get you thinking, not because I endorse the content.

I.  Survey finds 19% without religious affiliation

Unbelief is on the uptick. People who check “None” for their religious affiliation are now nearly one in five Americans (19%), the highest ever documented, according to the Pew Center for the People and the Press  .

read the rest here –  http://www.usatoday.com/news/religion/story/2012-07-19/no-religion-affiliation/56344976/1


2.‘Dark Knight’ Shooting: 3 Boyfriends Die Shielding Girlfriends During Aurora Massacre

In the wake of Friday’s devastating theater shooting in Aurora, Colo., President Obama remarked that it will be the “good people” — the heroes who took action — that remain in our memories long after James Holmes, the alleged gunman, has been forgotten.

And as stories from the darkened chaos begin to emerge, three among many share similar heroic stories: they all died shielding their girlfriends from bullets.

3.  NCAA hands out severe punishment for Penn State  

Chastising Penn State for “hero worship” and a warped athletic culture, NCAA President Mark Emmert issued a landmark ruling Monday morning, levying unprecedented penalties against the Penn State football program that will cripple its ability to remain competitive on the field for years.

Emmert banned Penn State from bowl games for four years, imposed massive scholarship reductions (a total of 40 initial scholarships lost over four years) and fined the school $60 million.

Emmert also vacated all of Penn State’s victories from 1998 through 2011, meaning former coach Joe Paterno loses 111 wins from what had been a total of 409 victories, the most all time in major college football.

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