Reflection ?’s from Sunday’s text – “Making Sunday Special”

Acts 27:13 – 44
Having faced obstacles of court charges, strong opposition and riots, Paul has concluded his final defense before King Agrippa and been declared innocent of any charges (26:31-32). He is finally bound for Rome…only to be met by a series of natural disasters! Luke, as an eyewitness, gives us a detailed account of the journey.

1. Briefly summarize the passage. What are the main ideas/themes emphasized in this section?

2. In the details of 27:1-20, show how Luke emphasized: a.) that they faced very real danger.
b.) the poor judgment of those in charge.

3. Why did Paul’s assessment of the situation change in 27:21-26? What effect did this have on Paul and his fellow travelers?

4. Why do you think Paul was disregarded in 27:10-12 and then listened to in 27:30-32?

5. How and why does Luke emphasize that Paul, by his words and actions, was now full of confidence?

7. In the midst of the reality of a hurricane, a shipwreck, near drowning, and, what is the dominant picture Luke portrays of Paul in this chapter? What accounts for it?

8. In what ways are you personally encouraged by Paul’s experience?
Have there been times when God has given you unexpected blessings in times of difficulty?

9. What do you think Luke’s main purpose was in relating this detailed journey?

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