Reflections on Acts 28:10 – 16

We know that since 19:21, Paul has determined to take the gospel to Rome, the centre of the known world. In the face of strong human opposition and natural catastrophe, the Lord himself has greatly encouraged Paul by assuring him of his safe arrival in Rome (23:11, 27:24). As they set sail from Malta, Paul is on the last leg of his journey, and in keeping with Jesus’ mandate of 1:8 to the apostles, to be his witnesses ‘to the ends of the earth’.

1. Why was it so ironic that Paul should arrive on the coast of Italy under the figurehead of two pagan deities, viewed as gods who protected seamen (v. 11)?

2. Describe Paul’s welcome in vv. 14-16. What effect did it have on Paul? 

3.  What is the main theme of this text?


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