Taking the Good News into Your Week! “Making Sunday Special” Monday thru Wednesday!

Reflecting on Sunday’s passage!  Acts 28:17 – 31

1. What are the three main points that Paul affirmed to the Jewish leaders in vv. 17-20? Luke has been establishing these points for much of the narrative (chapters 22-28). What do you think is so important about them?

2. What familiar pattern do you see both in Paul’s ministry to the Jewish crowds and in their response, in vv. 23-28?

3. There has been much evidence in these chapters of God’s sovereign activity. How do we see that especially in the last two verses of Acts? Why is v. 31 such an appropriate ending to Luke’s narrative?

4. Drawing on what you know of how Paul spent his time in prison, what main advantages were there in Paul being a prisoner?

5. What do you think Luke’s ‘theme sentence’ was as he sat down to write Acts?

6. What are some of the big lessons of Acts?

7. What impact has studying the book of Acts had on your understanding of Jesus and the gospel? How will this affect your life and decisions as you live as a disciple of Christ? 

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