A people of Word and Sacrament

In Mark Driscoll’s (Pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seattle) book “Doctrine” he quotes G.K. Beale: “What people revere, they resemble, either for ruin or restoration.” Driscoll continues – ‘ Because we are created in the image of God, everyone is always, without exception, reflecting God or a god. If we do not reflect our Creator to our restoration then we will reflect creation to our ruin’.

We have in our mini “Modern Reformation” series attempted to demonstrate that as we gather on Sundays – are a people of the Bible in the way we pray, listen, and approach the table for Communion each week! I am so thankful to theEnglish Reformers & how they point us to the redemptive work of Jesus each and every week, and as we approach the Table each and every week for Communion – we are reminded that God is our Host with a towel wrapped around his waist serving us His unworthy servants so that we might serve our neighbors throughout this week! As people who worship on Sundays using the Book of Common Prayer – it is wonderful to know that as a community our corporate worship is soaked in scripture – for our restoration!
Questions to consider:
1. What idols in our lives are inhibiting our worship?
2. When do you find it natural to worship?
3. What does it mean to worship our Lord in spirit and Truth?

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