God’s Greatest Promise

Reflecting on Isaiah 7:1 – 25

Following Sunday’s message, take some time for the next couple of days and ponder the following questions – and let us rejoice that God is with Us!

1. The events here occur 10 – 16 years after chapter 6 – during Ahaz’s reign – What danger is threatening Judah now? (724 BC)

2. What is the point of discussing the various “heads in relation to the head of Judah?

3. Ahaz is playing KIng, rather than administering the Covenant with God’s people – what do you make of his response in vs. 12?

4. What is the sign that the Lord will give to Ahaz anyway. How does this sign fit the crisis at hand, and how is it comforting?

5. If Ahaz and Judah don’t turn to the Lord in faith for help – what will happen? vss. 18 – 25

6. What situation are you facing now that frightens you? Are you trusting God – who is with you (Matt. 1:23) ?

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