Reflecting on God’s Voice from yesterday – 2nd Sunday of Advent

God’s Greatest Promise: The Promise of a Son who gives light!
Isaiah 8: 11 – 9:7

1. From 7:2 – 4 and 8:6, what is the way of this people God told Isaiah not to follow? What do they fear contrasted with Isaiah fears?

2. What effects do these fears have on the way each acts?

3. How does Isaiah respond to Judah’s rejection of his message?

4. What is the darkness in which the people walk and what is the suffering that Zebulun and Naphtali experienced.

5. How does Is. describe the effects of the dawning light.

6. How does the New Testament interpret this prophecy.

7. How has Jesus shattered some of the yokes that burden you? What is the one yoke that you desire to have him shatter now?

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  1. Hey Jonathan! If you ever have a question regarding service schedules – you can find the info on the But, since you asked – here it is!:

    4:00 PM Family Communion Service with Children’s Choir Book of Common Prayer (BCP) Order 3c – i.e. Condensed liturgy to keep it simple for the kids, but substantive for adults

    7:00 PM Communion Service with Christ Church Chorale, BCP Order 3B – LIke old Rite 2 in ’79

    11:00 PM Traditional Communion Service with Soloists, BCP Order 1A – 1662 Prayer Book – like Shakespeare Dude!

    Have a blessed Advent my friend! I look forward to seeing all of you Schausses!

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