People of Promise!

As I look back over the past couple days and the wonderful celebration on Sunday as we welcomed our covenant children into the Christ Church Community – I was struck by the rich doctrine of our Baptism / Membership Covenant, as well as the challenges of “getting off of the mouse wheel” in contemporary parenting.  I encourage you to ask yourself the following questions, borrowed from Rev. John Yate’s book, “For the Life of the Family”

1)  Which of the promises from Covenant challenge you as you said them this past week?

(look at your bulletin to refresh your memory)

2)  What activity (ies)  in your life might you “shed” in order to go deeper in your relationship with God as a family?

3)  Can you relate personal experiences from your own life or from the experiece of your own children or others whom you know in which baptism, confirmation or admission to Holy Communion have been especially meaningful?

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