Being a witness today! March 6, 2013

As you recall from last Sunday, Sean Templeton had us articulate to one another:
1 – Who is Jesus?
2 – When & How did you come to surrender to him?
3 – What difference has it made in your life?

Here are some additional questions for our evangelistic efforts here on the Westshore!

– What fears do you have regarding evangelism? What does Scripture say regarding those fears, God’s character, and man’s eternity?

– Read John 14:10, 26-28; 15:26; 16:5-15; and 17:20-23. How does the Holy Spirit equip believers to evangelize?

– Since God is at work in the hearts of people around us, how can you tune your heart to be sensitive to how God is working? How would your life look if you truly believed that God is already at work in the hearts of people around you?

– What is the role of the Holy Spirit in evangelism? How do you rely on the Spirit and not yourself in evangelism?

– If the Spirit of God works in people’s hearts and if God chooses those who will be saved, why should believers share the gospel with the lost?

– How do you know whom the Holy Spirit is drawing to Himself and in whom He is working?

– In John 5:19, Jesus remarks that He can do nothing apart from the Father, and in John 15:1-5, He expresses to the disciples that they can do nothing unless they abide in Him.

– How are you growing in intimacy in your relationship with God? How well do you know His voice? Describe your time in the Word. How are you studying Scripture? With what frequency are you in the Word? What is God currently teaching you through your personal study of Scripture? What does your communication with God through prayer currently look like? What steps can you take this week to grow closer to God?

– How can your Community group and faith family help you grow closer to God?
How can you join God in His work this week? How can you intentionally make yourself more available to be around unsaved people? How can you cultivate relationships with them? How do you typically respond 
when opportunities to share arise? Do you even recognize when such opportunities come your way?

– Identify 3-10 people who are lost and with whom you can share the gospel. Pray for the salvation of each 
of these people, and pray for opportunities to weave gospel threads into your conversations with them.

– What is God calling you to sacrifice in order to join God in His mission? What hinders you from participating in His work? What do you need to rearrange in your life this week to make evangelism a 

– How is it evidence of God’s love that He chooses to include believers in His work? How should this 
transform our attitudes regarding evangelism and service? What hinders you from feeling amazed that God involves you in Kingdom work? 

– Respond . . . 
Encourage your group to break out into smaller groups where they will respond to the truths of today’s study. These groups will share with one another based on the following questions and then close in prayer:
What are some of the main truths that God wants you to know from this study?
How do your thoughts need to adjust to align with these truths?
According to the truths from this study, what does God want you to desire/value?
How do your values need to change to align with His values?
What actions does God want you to take according to the truths of this study?
What is an action that you can start to implement today or tomorrow?
What is going to be the most difficult aspect of this study to personally apply? Close this time by praying for each other, specifically for strength to apply these truths, for personal needs, for the lost people with whom you are seeking to share the gospel, and for our weekly prayer focus as a church.

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