True Discipleship Part II. The Disciple’s Character 5. Be Filled with the Spirit Week of May 5, 2013

Scripture: Eph. 5:18 Memory verse
And do not get drunk with wine, for that is debauchery, but be filled with the Spirit,
Goal of this Week’s Study:
The Participant will be learn to allow the Holy Spirit to fill them!
The Text: Paul, writing to the church in reminds them to avoid ‘escapism’ as a means to cope with life, but rather to be filled with the Holy Spirit who will empower them for the life that God desires for them!
As a young teacher and coach, I coached in a High School that was very different culturally than what I was used to growing up in Northern Virginia. LaPlata High School in Southern Maryland was a mixing bowl of rural, small town, and suburban Washington DC teenagers. There was a constant tension between the rednecks, townies, and rich kids; with the result that there were fights nearly every day, drugs being dealt continually, and the administration lacked the backbone to deal with the problems leading to further dysfunction, and frustration among my colleagues. At one point, in my time with the Lord I literally cried out and said, “Lord, I can’t do this job! Help me Holy Spirit! Fill me for this task” At that point, I felt an incredible warmth overcome me as I confessed my sins of self reliance, pride, and lack of love for the students and athletes that I taught and coached.
From that day forward, I was so aware of the Holy Spirit’s presence and noticed in not only a change in my outlook, but also how peaceful and hard working my students and athletes became! Now, not all of them, I don’t want to give you the impression that every one of the students I taught instantly loved to exercise, but there was a definite change, because I had changed! In addition, several of them through our Fellowship of Christian Athletes Ministry that I participated in with some colleagues gave their lives to Christ! I learned that every day I embark out into the world in my vocation, ministry, or even the mundane tasks at home – I need to ask the Holy Spirit to fill me for each task of service. In addition, as I have at times failed in service, and each and every time that I have sinned, I have asked Him to refill me, and He has always done so. The filling of the Spirit energizes and empowers different gifts in different persons, but in every case brings glory to Jesus and attracts others to Him.
The turning point in my story was when I asked for the Holy Spirit to fill me after I had confessed my sins, and yielded myself to God. Until that point I had not allowed Him to work through me, I was relying on my natural giftedness – to my great frustration.
Every person who has been born of the Spirit has the Holy Spirit living in them. Romans 8:16 states:
The Spirit himself bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God,
However, not everyone is filled with the Spirit and empowered for service.
Are you filled with the Spirit right now?
God desires you to be filled – and to be filled to overflowing!
What it means?
In John 20:22 Jesus breathed on the disciples and said, “Receive the Holy Spirit” This allowed the disciples to take up His mission, which they could accomplish only under the Spirit’s leadership. But even though Peter had the Sprit of Chris in him already, at Pentecost a major change occurred in him. When the Holy sprit came in His fullness on the church, Peter was filled with the Sprit. Before that time, Peter was a coward who denied Jesus three times. As he was filled with the Spirit in Acts chapter 2, we see no sign of the old Peter. He was transformed and preached boldly as he allowed God to work through him!
Disciple’s today face the same problem the original disciples did – trying to fight spiritual battles with human resources. Most Western Christians live and serve as if Pentecost never happened. They try to obey Jesus’ commands on their own strength; yet they wonder how Satan so often outsmarts and overpowers them. They ignore the mission of the Holy Spirit who came to continue Jesus’ role of inspiring, empowering, and guiding them.
Is the Holy Spirit a personal, intimate friend who fills your life?
You may have tried to read your Bible, pray, witness, teach, or serve without relying on the Holy Spirit’s power. You may have tried to solve a problem in your personal life, such as dealing with a rebellious child, or improving an estranged relationship, without asking God to fill you with the Holy Spirit.
The solution to your inadequacy lies in experiencing the Holy Spirit’s presence and power as the disciples did at Pentecost. WE cannot repeat Pentecost, anymore than we can repeat Calvary. However, we can lay hold of the power of Pentecost just as surely as you can experience the redemption of Calvary!
How to be Filled…
Say aloud this week’s memory verse – Eph 5:18
We can learn a great deal about this verse in its original language – Greek. The phrase be filled is:
1. Present Tense – You are to be filled now in the state that you are in. And, continually doing so. I means to keep on being filled
2. Passive voice – Means that you cannot do this yourself. Someone has to do it for you.
3. Imperative mood – Means that to be filled is a command. As a disciple, it is not an option for you.

What part of this verb do you need to be most reminded of?

Then, Ask the Holy Spirit to fill you! And you live each day and certain tasks come your way – the Holy Spirit will empower you to complete them! You may feel a warmth come over you, or you may not! The important thing to remember is that as a Christian – you have the Holy Spirit, the question is – does the Holy Spirit have you! May we all be filled with Spirit daily!
The World’s Way
• Col 3:8
• Gal 5:19 – 21
• Eph 4:31
The Spirit’s Way
• Col 3:12
• Gal 5:22 – 23
• Eph 4:32

What God said to Me:

What I said to God:

Praise – Confess – Ask

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