Reflection Monday! July 8, 2013

Thinking about how God spoke to us yesterday at Christ Church Westshore through Paul’s words to the Philppian Church (1:27 – 2:11);  here are some questions for all of us to chew on as we ponder “Standing Together in Christ”

Reread Phil. 1:27 – 2:11

1)  What does it mean to conduct ourselves”in a manner worthy of the gospel”?  vs. 27

2)  What opportunities do you have to “strive” for the gospel by sharing your faith with others?

3)  Paul and the Phillipians faced opposition because they were “striving” for the gospel (1:28 – 30).  Why might we face opposition to the gospel today?

4)  Given vss. 28 – 30, what should we remember when we face opposition?

5)  What does it mean to stand together according to Paul in 2:2?

6)  What will it mean in practice for us to “consider others better than ourselves?”  

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