Reflection Wednesday! July 31st “Knowing Christ”

Reviewing the passage at Christ Church this past Sunday (Phil. 3:7 – 4:1), work through the questions below.

1: In your own words, what is the “one thing” Paul does (according to Phil 3:12 – 14), and why?

2.  From verses 12 – 16, what might hinder us from pressing on?

           What might encourage us?

3.  Read vs. 16 – Why is it important to choose the right role models?  (17 – 19)

4.  Read vs. 19 – How do “enemies of the cross of Christ” behave today?

5.  What are the sharp contrasts between vs. 19,  and those in vss. 20 – 21.

6.  In the middle of our crazy busy lives – what does it men for you to know that your “citizenship is in heaven”?



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