Reflection Tuesday! The Good Samaritan: The Art of Neighboring

Coming off of the Lord’s Day celebration on Sunday, consider the following questions as we think of being the kind of neighbors that the Lord would have us be – wherever we are!

The Call to Neighboring at Christ Church   Chapters 1 & 2


  1. What factors did you consider before choosing your current residence?
  2. READ Acts 17: 26 – 27
    How much of your block map were you able to fill in? Did you have any epiphanies as you did this exercise?
  3. Describe your neighborhood and the relationships that you have with your immediate neighbors. Do you have any “invisible” neighbors?
  4. According to Acts 17:26 – 27, why do we live where we live? Why has God placed us in our neighborhoods?
  5. READ Luke 10:29
    What does the teacher of the Law try to do in asking Jesus the question? In what ways do we do this?
  6. What would happen if every Christ-follower made a point to know and befriend their neighbors this week and fill the squares on the block map?



  1. Create your own block map and place it somewhere in your home where you will see it often.
  2. Learn the name of one of your unknown neighbors this week and fill in their squares on your map.


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