Reflection Monday! “Open Doors”

Ask yourself the following questions after listening to Sean’s sermon based on Matt 17:1- 9 

1.  When was a time in your life when God guided you by opening or closing a door?

2.  Read Matt 17:1- 9   What jumps out at you in this passage?

3.  How would you have felt if you were one of the nine disciples who weren’t invited by Jesus to go up on the mountain?

4.  Why do you think Jesus made a decision to spend the majority of his time with a small group of people?

5.  What’s the difference between being responsible to a person, and being responsible for a person?

6.  Have you ever encountered a “messy” situation in your neighboring?  What happened?

7.  Have you ever had a friendship in which you felt that no matter what you did, it was never enough?

8.  Which of your neighbors do you feel God calling you to spend more time with, and why?

9.  Reflect on Luke 10:5- 11.  Write down the names of the people of peace in your neighborhood.  

10.  Invite a neighbor over for dinner.  

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