Reflecting on Monday! “A United Front”

Ask yourself the following questions after listening to yesterday’s sermon based on Romans 12:9 – 21.   In addition, read chapters 11 & 12 of The Art of Neighboring.  

 1.  Think about a conflict that you’ve had with a neighbor, coworker, friend, etc.

2.  Read Romans 12:9 – 21  “What jumps out to you in the passage?”

3.  What happens over time when we fail for forgive people who have wronged us?

4.  Think about a time in which you worked with others to accomplish something significant

5.  What are some of the reasons Christ – followers refuse to work together?

6.  What would the Westshore region be like if every Christian made a decision to be a better neighbor?

7.  Walk around the block and ask God to give you a vision for what he wants your neighborhood to look like.


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