Reflection Monday – Reformation Sunday featuring William Wilberforce!

Questions for Review & Discussion in your family and friends!  Bring out your Bible for an interesting discussion:

  1. Why did Wilberforce feel Great Britain had reason to be seriously uneasy that God might bring judgment on the nation?  Why would we in America feel the same?
  2. From what two considerations ought slave owners to have instructed their slaves in Christianity?
  3. Slave owners twisted the Bible to justify their version of slavery. With what Bible principles did Wilberforce refute them?
  4. What were some of the ways in which slavery was limited and made more humane in Bible times?
  5. What were some of the direct and indirect miseries which accompanied slavery?
  6. What are the social issues of our day that God desires us, like Wilberforce, to stand in the gap?  

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