Reflection Monday! November 18th, 2013

How can we apply this series in our lives on generous giving? Take some time to review the text from yesterday’s sermon on 2 Corinthians 8:1 – 9, and then answer the following questions.
1. Let’s get personal for a moment. Looking back over the last year or so, would you say your financial situation has been more like that of the Macedonians, or the Corinthians.
2. Now think of your giving pattern. Does it resemble the Macedonians, or the Corinthians?
3. Like the Macedonians? List the things that motivate your generosity.
4. Like the Corinthians? List the barriers of generosity.
5. If you have trouble parting with your treasure, you may be having a hard time trusting God with your needs. Or you might fully intend to give faithfully, but undisciplined spending cause you to wind up with empty pockets. Examine your heart right now and ask God to show you the areas of your finances where you need to let go and trust Him. List them here:

Seek God’s wisdom concerning the investment of your treasure. Remember what Jesus said in Matthew 6:21 “Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

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