Weekly Wrapup! Saturday March 29th, 2014


The Weekly Wrapup brings together some of the most interesting content we’ve found online, as it pertains to the church, culture,  sports and the people God has called us to reach. Keep in mind, we don’t endorse or agree with everything you’ll see included in the Wrapup.  

WORLD VISION REVERSES DECISION TO HIRE CHRISTIANS IN SAME-SEX MARRIAGES  Christianity Today:  Only two days after announcing it would hire Christians in same-sex marriages, World Vision U.S. has reversed its ground-breaking decision after weathering intense criticism from evangelical leaders.

SIX PARISHIONERS SHOT DEAD WHILE WORSHIPPING AT KENYAN CHURCH  ABC News:  Two gunmen have stormed a church near the Kenyan coastal city of Mombasa and opened fire on worshippers, killing six people and wounding more than a dozen others, in what police are labelling a terrorist attack.

ABORTED BABIES INCINERATED TO HEAT UK HOSPITALS  The Telegraph:  The bodies of thousands of aborted and miscarried babies were incinerated as clinical waste, with some even used to heat hospitals, an investigation has found.

SHIFT IN SUPPORT FOR SAME-SEX MARRIAGE GREATEST AMONG BLACK PROTESTANTS  Deseret News:  The acceptance of same-sex marriage by black American Protestants has risen by about a third in the past year, data from the Pew Research Center revealed this week. However, both a Pew official and a leading black evangelical scholar agree that the numbers may not tell the whole story.

YOU’RE NOT AS BUSY AS YOU SAY YOU ARE  Slate:   “People are competing about being busy” [says communication researcher Ann Burnett] . . . “It’s about showing status. That if you’re busy, you’re important. You’re leading a full and worthy life. . . . As if you don’t get to choose, busyness is just there. I call it the nonchoice choice. Because people really do have a choice.”

Dayton Flyers advance to Elite 8 to take on the Florida Gators!   ESPN  

Song of the Week:  Lord Have Mercy




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