Mid Week Reflection Thought – JC Ryle


With JC Ryle as our Reformation figure this past Sunday, here is a mid week thought from the good Bishop of Liverpool, contemplating the “Summary of the Law” in Matthew’s Gospel that we place before ourselves each week – which rightly condemns us as we begin the service.

But how shall we obtain this love towards God?  It is no natural feeling.  We are “born to sin,” and, as sinners, are afraid of him.  How then can we love him?  We can never really love him till we are at peace with him through Christ.  When we feel our sins forgiven, and ourselves reconciled to our holy Maker, the, and not tilll then, we shall love him and have the Spriit of adoption.  Faith in Christ is the true spring of love to God:  they love most who feel most forgiven.  “We love because he first loved us”  (1 John 4:19)”

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