Out of the Grey!


After reading countless essays and being subjected to trailers for the movie during The Tonight Show as we approach Valentine’s Day, I feel it necessary to jot down some thoughts about this book /  movie.

Honestly, the book / movie has no Grey area – it is very much for the follower of Jesus, a black or white issue. Don’t see it, don’t read it, and when it comes out on Netflix next week / month- don’t see it then either!

No, I haven’t read the book and I will not see the movie, and here is why.  Sex is a gift from  God and is intended for our mutual joy and for the procreation of children in the covenant of marriage between a husband and wife.  There is nothing redeemable about this movie which seeks to glorify sex outside of this relationship which is ultimate a form of bondage (no pun intended)!  This book / movie glorifies violence against women, and warps the conscience to normalize behavior which our Lord weeps over.  Mutual consent does not a moral philosophy make either!

As Kevin DeYoung points out on his blog:  “Sex is a private matter to be shared in the privacy and sanctity of the marriage bed (Heb. 13:4). Sex, as God designed it, is not meant for actors who pretend (or not) that they are making “love.” The act of conjugal union is what married couples do behind closed doors, not what disciples of Jesus Christ pay money to watch on a screen the size of your house.”

We have a problem in God’s people when we continually view /consume scenes that are not redeemable.  No I’m not naive – the Bible is full of people who are utterly sinful – and the hope we have in Christ is the same hope many of them discovered.  However, the Bible does not glorify any behavior that is outside the will of God, which not only 50 shades does, but so do many movies of our day.  That doesn’t mean that we as believers should stop watching movies, but it does beg the question for the person who would call themselves a Christian – what is the redeeming quality of this film?

I will not be doing a sermon series on 50 Shades, but I am available for counsel, as I have in the past, women who (John 4) have been subjected to such violence so that they can see beyond the lie of this world that they are in Christ a Daughter of the King – i.e. a Princess!

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