Reflecting on a Weds. – “Divine Intercession” John 17:6 – 19


The three days after Sunday are days that we at Christ Church reflect on how God spoke to us on the Lord’s Day!  Here are some thoughts to prompt discussion in your heart, family, small group to apply this passage for life change!

We saw in Jesus prayer for his disciples:

1.  We are God’s possession

2.  We are interceded for

3.  We are set apart in the Word (truth).

There are two great principles from Jesus’ words in vss. 6 – 19:

1.  Genuine accomplishment is determined by God, not people.  vs. 4

2.  Reinforcement is provided from God, not the world

Therefore, how often do you think of yourself as sanctified?  It’s probably not the first thing that you think of as you roll out of bed in the morning?  As we are set apart in the truth – Jesus prays for us (vss. 20 – 26)  that we might:

a.  Grow in unity-  means giving in:  refusing to get bent out of shape over trivial disagreements or particular philosophies.  Those who enjoy Christian fellowship in its deepest sense have a high tolerance level

b.  Know our destiny – knowing this means giving up – total surrender to Jesus Christ.

c.  Show His love to others – authentic Christian ministry is visible and tangible.  Those who would say their faith “is private” are incorrect in their understanding of grace and discipleship.  God not only tells us he loves us, he demonstrated such love upon the cross (Romans 5:8). We are to do the same to those where we live, work, and play.

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