Weekly Update – Friday May 24, 2015

November 1912, Jersey City, New Jersey, USA --- Newspaper boys, one missing a leg, stand on the steps of a bank near a busy trolley junction in Jersey City, New Jersey. --- Image by © CORBIS

Each week I post some of the more interesting articles I’ve come across throughout the week to highlight what’s happening in the church, country, world, sports, and in culture in general .

World:  “Thousands evacuated in Nepal after landslide”

KATHMANDU, Nepal (AP) — Thousands of people fled villages and towns along a mountain river in northwest Nepal on Sunday after it was blocked by a landslide that could burst and cause flash floods, officials said.   Read More

USA:  Cleveland – Michael Brelo acquital

Peaceful protests gave way to skirmishes and arrests Saturday, following the acquittal of a Cleveland police officer involved in a deadly 2012 shootout that presented the latest test to a city navigating unprecedented tensions between its citizens and law enforcement.  Read more


Recently I was with my grandson Jack. At bedtime he wanted me to cuddle up with him while he read his Bible to me. It was a special time of grandmother snuggling and listening. And of course it went on and on – he didn’t want to go to sleep!

Reflecting on this moment my heart was filled with joy. God was answering my prayers.  Read more

Christian:  Rob Dreher  “Having the Talk with the Kids”

Father Andrew Damick, a friend who is an Orthodox priest, writes on his Facebook feed:

Just overheard an earnest conversation in which the speaker was making a serious argument that church attendance on Christmas and Easter was quite enough.

People do it, of course — lots of them. But I’ve never heard anyone actually defending it.

 Read more

Song of the week:  Holy Spirit Breath of God

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