The Weekly Update: Friday Dec. 18th, 2015



World:  (BBC)  Putin pours fresh scorn on Turkey for downing Russian jet:       Russian President Vladimir Putin has used crude language in a furious new attack on Turkey over the shooting down of a Russian combat jet last month.    Read more

US:  (USA Today)  FBI, U.S. Marshals join search for ‘affluenza’ teen:  FORT WORTH — The U.S. Marshal’s Service and the FBI have joined the search for the Texas teenwhose attorneys used an “affluenza” defense at his trial, and his mother.  Read more

Anglican News:  (American Anglican Network)  The Anglican Journal reports that the head of the Anglican Church of Canada, (ACoC) Archbishop Fred Hiltz (pictured above) met December 9, for his “annual meeting” with Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury. According to the Journal, Archbishop Hiltz is concerned about the agenda for the upcoming special gathering of Primates January 11-17 in Canterbury. He seems to be concerned about whether the meeting will have the “proper organization” to ensure a good outcome for his Church:        read more

Archbishop Wabukala calls American Anglicans to prayer!:  The Archbishop of Canterbury has called together all the Primates of the Anglican Communion for a meeting in Canterbury 11th – 16th January 2016 which we believe will be decisive for the future of the Communion. Read more

Sports:  Lebron connects with Boston special needs student!

A Surreal moment meeting Lebron James  Read more


Song of the Week:  Lo, He Comes with Clouds Descending


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