Primate’s meeting winding down! – Gene’s thoughts


As the primates meeting at Canterbury winds down today, I sit and drink my coffee with the hounds at my feet praising God for finally a step forward, after what I have observed, a lifetime of steps backward in the Anglican world.

As a young believer at Truro in the early 80’s, I remember my Rector John Howe saying, “we are evangelicals, in a very non- evangelical denomination, let us pray that direction changes!”  & I did, and while I was praying, the revisionists were lobbying their way into the power structures of the Episcopal Church so that in Diocesan meetings – we were by the late 90’s, a thoroughly revisionist denomination.  I realized after graduation from Trinity that there was little if any,  in belief, doctrine, & practice  that I held in common with the Episcopal Church leadership (Except in pockets).

  1.  What is the Bible?   (Doctrine of inspiration & inerrancy)
  2. Who is Jesus Christ?  (Revelation of God)
  3. What did his death upon the cross accomplish?  (Doctrine of sin)
  4.  Did Jesus physically raise from the dead?  (The belief of resurrection)
  5.  Will Jesus return for His people?  (The Belief of the Second Coming)

The reality set in as I ministered as an assistant at Trinity Beaver with my friend, and Rector Carl Neely that the Episcopal Church was affecting my witness and ministry in the community in which I, and God’s people at Trinity lived!  Others across America reached the same conclusion; therefore, from 1998 – 2010, churches left, many at great cost of buildings, and savings accounts – to form the Anglican Church in North America.

This week’s suspension of the Episcopal Church is good news (though at the same time a sad one) for the Communion, but it is as yesterday’s GAGCON statement suggests a beginning, not an end.  Please read Archbishop Foley’s statement, and continue to pray not only for the ACNA, and the Anglican Communion, but also for TEC, that the leadership would realize the depth and reality of God’s grace in Jesus Christ, and the power of His transforming love.  Pray also for the believers in TEC who at this time, are struggling with the suspension.

Archbishop Foley’s statement is here

I’ll see you Sunday!


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