“A Marriage Worth getting excited about!”

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As mentioned in the sermon on Sunday April 8th, Here are some practical steps that Husbands and wives can take to “Love and Respect” – Taken from Dr. Emerson Eggerich’s book Love & Respect.

For men to love the wives as Christ loves the church!


C – Closeness – A loving husband is to cleave to his wife, taking time to talk, being affectionate, close to her heart – not just when he wants sex.

O – Openess – A loving husband is to be kind and gentle, opening up to his wife, sharing his thoughts and ideas, instead of acting preoccupied, disinterested, or as if he is mad at her.

U – Understanding – A loving husband is to live with his wife in an understanding way, willing to listen when she is concerned or has a problem instead of trying to fix her.  As he listens, he lets her know he is interested by paying attention and giving appropriate feedback.

P – Peacemaking – ….. is willing to say “Honey, I was wrong, I’m sorry, please forgive me”, because he knows that her and his wife are to no longer be two, but one, living in peace and harmony

L – Loyalty …. is always assuring his wife of his love and commitment, making her feel secure in the covenant they have tougher because she knows he would never “deal treacherously” with her.

E – Esteem – …. honors and cherishes his wife in specific ways, making her feel she is first in his hear and honored as a “fellow heir of the grace of life”. 

For Women – 6 ways to respect your husband.


C – Conquest:  The respectful wife is called to appreciate his desire to do a good job and achieve in his field of endeavor.  She does this by thanking him for his efforts and letting him know she is behind him.

H – Hierarchy – Because he is called to be accountable as head of the family, the respectful wife submits to her husband by appreciating his desire to provide for and protect the family, thanking him for his efforts.

A – Authority – ….respects him, not being contentious, or combative, but appreciative of his desire to serve and lead her and the family as she supports and doesn’t undermine his position

I – Insight ….  is called to appreciate her husband’s analysis & counsel, always listening carefully to what he has to say to guard and guide her, and if she disagrees with his ideas, she differs with him respectfully.

R – Relationship:    is called to appreciate his desire for shoulder to shoulder companionship, realign that she is to be her husband’s friend as well as her lover.

S – Sexuality:  ….  understands that her husband needs her sexually and does not deprive him, but appreciates his desire for sexual intimacy, knowing that sex is symbolic of his deeper need for respect.